Ampac Pulsar Aquaswim Aquapacific SpaQuip 20xx Heater Tube Tee


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This heater Tube is for Ampac Pulsar Series Spa Controllers - 2081SPA 2082SPA 2083SPA 2084SPA. Common control system found in older spas. We recommend upgrading these as they are 20+ years old and have few spare Parts. Also branded Spaquip / Aquaswim / Aquapacific and others. These are no longer made and are obsolete. We no longer repair these controllers.

Ampac Pulsar Spare Parts:
Heater Assembly
Tee Piece for Heater Element
Circuit Boards -
Obsolete. No Longer Repaired. 

We recommend replacing the entire Ampac Pulsar controller with one of these:
SP400 - no plumbing changes needed, but plug changes needed.
SV Mini1 - plumbing and plug changes needed

Ampac Intl. Pulsar Aquaswim Aquapacific Intuitive spa control systems were invented and made in New Zealand before SpaQuip took them over. Then several years ago, Davey bough SpaQuip, discontinuing most parts. The SP400 was then made to replace the majority of the Ampac Pulsar systems.

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