Astralpool E-Series Pumps - E140 / E170 / E230

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Astralpool E-Series Pumps - E140 / E170 / E230. Economical, good quality pumps. Often used for Solar heating and other low-load situations. New "C" version replaces earlier models with no plumbing changes. 

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Designed with high standard, reliability and durability in mind these pumps use only quality components that lead to a long life. With the need for less frequent cleaning the E-series pump will save you both time and money.

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  • E 140: 650W / 0.5HP / 140lpm Max / 57dBA / 2.9A 
  • E 170: 850W / 0.75HP / 170lpm Max / 57 dBA / 3.5A
  • E 230: 925W / 1.0HP / 230lpm Max / 57dBA / 3.9A