Balboa Dominator BP6013G1 BP6013G2 BP6013G3 Spa Controller - SIBP601X - BP501 BP601

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Balboa BP601 is sold as the Dominator by Spa Industries. Supercedes Balboa Revolution Controllers. This BP601G3 version supercedes all BP501 & BP601 controllers. BP601G3 can control This includes the complete controller, with the two circuit boards, case and heater. Does not come with touchpad. TP400, TP600, TP800 touchpads can be used with this controller.


  • Up to 3 x Pumps
  • 1 x Blower
  • Ozone
  • Light


  • 490mm x 270mm x 90mm
  • Heater: 3kW (M7)
  • WiFi: Upgradeable
  • Overheat Fault Detection for Runaway Pumps / Stuck Relays
  • Option to add 2 speed pump 3 
  • Quick heater connect power plug
  • Based on Balboa's most popular models
  • Press & Hold Buttons for ease of use
  • BP601G3 Tech Sheet

Balboa listened and added the new BP501/601 to the popular BP Series of spa controls. Based on the BP500/600, this new model can run up to a 5.5 kW heater (60Hz systems), supports an expander card to run another pump and has multiple panel jacks on the main board.

Includes Balboa's patented overheat Fault Detection for runaway pumps or stuck relays. The new M7 Plus software design incorporates patented technology using a microprocessor to intelligently monitor the hot tub water temperature and detect a runaway pump or stuck relays. If detected, the system will automatically attempt to shut the power off to the tub to prevent any overheating by trying to trip the GFCI in the circuit (per electrical codes). (BP501 only).

For serviceability, the new BP501/BP601 systems include a new single board configuration and have Balboa’s new quick connect heater system – no more removing heater straps, just unplug the old heater and plug in a new one.

Part Numbers: 56539-02 / Model Number: SIBP601X. Option for touchpad as well. BP6013G1 BP6013G2 BP6013G3 ACONBP6013

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