Davey Aqua Select Spa Bath Suction & Cover - Obsolete


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Obsolete. No Longer Available Davey Aqua select Spa Bath Suction Cover. Often 'yellowed' with age

Use the S&P ASF523 white suction cover to replace Davey Aqua-Select Spa Bath Suctions. The threaded wall fitting will also require replacement (not just the cover). This thread will likely need to be cut shorter to suit the body fitting behind the bath. This requires access to the back of the bath.

For a CHROME replacement - you will also need to order ASF523 on the above link (for the correct body) as well as ASF480cp and use that chrome cover.

Important: This suction can only be replaced with an ASF523 if the wall fitting can be unscrewed from the elbow/tee in the plumbing. If pipe is glued inside this fitting, it cannot be unscrewed and requires complete assembly replacement and replumbing. 

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