Davey Spa Bath Pumps - XS Series - XS200 / 250 / 300 / HB HD HG - Replacement Listing


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XS 200HD, XS 250HD, XS 300HD XS200HB, XS250HB, XS300HB XS200, XS250, XS300 spa bath pumps. These are discontinued and superseded by the Edgetec Triflo  Pumps as listed below. We recommend the Triflo pumps due to their simpler build, and high-quality. You may need to cut & join plumbing to make new pumps fit. This plumbing kit listed here, is generally all you will need.
Replacement Pumps for all Davey XS** Spa Bath Pumps:
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XS Series (non-Heated w/ Air Switch) - Replacements:

XS HB Series (Heated w/ Air Switch) Replacements:

XS HD Series (heated w/ touchpad) - Replacements:

XS HG Series (heated w/ adjustable temperature) - Replacements:

    • There are no direct replacement for or these pumps. If you have one of these pumps and need replacement, please send us an email with your needs, and some photos in possible. 

XS 200, XS 250, XS 300, XS 200HB, XS 250HB, XS 300HB, XS 200HD, XS 250HD, XS 300HD

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