Davey SpaQuip Spa Power SP 600 / 601 Circuit Board kit - SP600 SP601

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Davey Spaquip Spa Power 600 & 601 PCB kit with AMP wiring harness. Kept in stock. Pick-up or Fast Delivery available. Suits all SP600 & SP601 control systems. Install sheet here. 

This PCB is supplied complete with wiring harness for all Spa Power 601 spa packs fitted with old-style heaters or new heaters, due to a software & hardware modification that prevents just the PCB only being replaced. 


  • If you have an older SP600 or SP601 PCB that uses Mini JJ Sockets, you will need to purchase AMP leads to suit. See Product Add-ons below Add to Cart buttons.
  • Before replacing this PCB, Isolate Power, then unplug Lights & Blower Speed control cable. Switch on power and see if PCB starts working. In some cases, a faulty light or blower can cause the PCB to 'power down' and be completely unresponsive.
New Style Wiring
  • Orange/Brown wires w/ 1 Spade to one side of the Klixon
  • White wire w/ 2 Spades goes from POH to Active Heater Terminal, then across to the other side of the Klixon
  • Thicker White wire from Relay goes to Neutral Heater Terminal

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