Davey SpaQuip Spa Power SP601 SP601 PCB Circuit Board - Kit

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Davey Spaquip Spa Power 600 & 601 PCB kit with wiring harness.


  • pre October 2015 spa control systems fitted with original oval brass bulkhead style elements in the heater.
  • Post October 2015 spa control systems with titanium heater element.
  • (Titanium heaters have 2 small element penetrations with lock-nuts
  • Original heaters have a large brass element bulkhead)

This PCB is supplied complete with wiring harness for all Spa Power 601 spa packs fitted with original heaters or new heaters, due to a software & hardware modification that prevents just the PCB only being replaced.

Tip: Before replacing this PCB, Isolate Power, then unplug Lights & Blower Speed control cable. Switch on power and see if PCB starts working. In some cases, a faulty light or blower can cause the PCB to 'power down' and be completely unresponsive.

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