Davey SpaQuip SpaPower SP 601 Spa Control System - w/ Timer or without

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New version Davey SpaPower 601 SP601 control system comes with optional Power-Saving Timeclock. Comes with Heater, Touchpad,Controller, and Time clock (optional). New style controller comes with Davey's latest Titanium heater element. These are far superior to the old Teflon-coated elements. Replaces older SP600 controllers with no plumbing changes as well.

The Davey SP601 range of controllers a are cost effective controller with exceptional functionality. Cleverly designed, the Davey SP601 range can run one or two pumps, a variable speed blower, ozone generator, or a 24hr circulation pump and a single or variable colour LED light.

All Davey SP601 controllers are available with time clock for setting specific operating times, an in built optical water sensor, and features safety thermal cutout.

The Davey SP601 range can be matched to an easy to read and operate, oval or rectangular LED touchpad. 

The SP 601 Supercedes Spa Power 600 controllers & will fit directly in.

Will control:

  • 1x Circulation w/ 1x Jet Pump & a Blower & Ozone & Light OR
  • 1x 2-speed Jet Pump & a Blower & Ozone & Light
  • Available with 1.5kW, 2.0kW, and 3.0kW Titanium heaters. 

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