Edgetec Midjet (Midget) Spa Circulation Pump


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Edgetec Midjet (aka Midget) Circ Pump. 220w. 40mm unions. 0.3hp low-cost efficient spa filtration pump. Unique backing plate allows pumps to regain some residual heat from the motor, transferring it to the water. Can come with Air Switch built-in, or without. 

June 2019 - These pumps were made obsolete. Replaced by this pump: QB035

MidJet spa circulation pumps are designed to replace existing spa circulation pumps. 


  • Same union thread as most popular circulation pumps.
  • Aligns almost perfectly with LX JA35 / JA50 / Davey QB035 / SpaNET XS-3C plumbing so are a perfect low running cost alternative.
  • Use only 220w of power, making them the 3rd most economical circulation pump on the market at the most economical purchase price.
  • 230v, 50Hz, 220w, 0.3HP, 40mm / 1.5" unions included (same thread as used on USA / Chinese made pumps).
  • Approx 100 lpm flow @ 4m head pressure
  • Auto-Heat: MidJet’s unique back plate design allows the heat generated by the motor to be transferred into the water allowing the pump to help maintain water temperature.
  • IP55 water and dust protection. Can be installed Indoors or Outdoors
  • Leading edge CFD technology has refined the impeller and flow path for optimum performance and efficiency.
  • Quiet Operation: MidJet’s optimized water flow path reduces water turbulence and noise inside the pump casing.
  • The TEFC motor has integral molded Elastomer anti - vibration pad in the motor foot for super quiet operation.
World Standards: MidJet’s meets all the required standards with regards to water retention and electrical requirements.

Alternatives With Same Fittings: (no plumbing changes needed)

Model: Warranty Differences
LX JA35 1 Year OK Seals
LX JA50 1 Year OK Seals- Higher Output
SpaNET XS-3C 2 Years OK Seals
Davey QB035 3 Years Best Seals - Viton Rubbers



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