Hurlcon Astralpool Heater Hi-Limit Switch - 42-45°C - Inlet - F2 Errors

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Hi Limit 42/43/45C – NC Auto Thread. High Limit Switch used in all Hurlcon & Astralpool gas heaters. Common source of F2 error. Used on almost all pool and spa heaters. Found on the Inlet side of a gas pool or spa heater heater. Also called a Thermal Cutout or Thermal Safety Cutout Switch. Part Number 71030 or 71039.

These suit all Hurlcon Astralpool HX, MX, Viron, HiNRG, JX Gas Heaters. Also suits Jacuzzi J-HN250C & J-HN400C heaters.

Failed hi limits can cause the F2 Errors found on Hurlcon and Astral Gas Heaters. Commonly fail due to condensation and leaks. Should be replaced every few years as part of preventative maintenance. Both Inlet & Outlet hi limits should be replaced at the same time.

There are two types, threaded (Viron, HiNRG, later HX, JX, MX) which is screwed into the brass plug, and non-threaded that is held in either by a bracket (older MX), or screws (older JX, HX).

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Notes & Installation:

  • Astralpool / Hurlcon gas heaters have a brass plug this screws into. Ensure it is not leaking or corroded. Replace if necessary.
  • You should always replace both Inlet & Outlet High Limits when servicing a heater.
  • Consider a complete Service Pack for your heater
  • This is for the INLET Side of the water connection. Outlet hi-limits are listed below
  • Last image shows Hi Limit screwed into the brass plug for reference. 

Hurlcon AstralPool Jacuzzi:

  • HX 70, HX 120, HX 150, MX 150, MX 200, MX 250, MX 300, MX 350, MX 400, MX 500, JX 130, JX 160, HiNRG 175, HiNRG 250, HiNRG 400, Viron 250, Viron 350, Viron 450, Viron 550, WX 70, WX 120, WX 150, ICI 200ICI 400, Jacuzzi and many more.
  • Campini Ty60 10/250 T210 41-04 55°C

Important Information:

  • These are an Extremely Important Safety feature found on heaters, and are required by law. They must be replaced when necessary. 
  • When installing, make sure both male & female thread are clean. We recommend lightly lubricating the thread, and *gently* screwing them in, as the thread shaft is thin brass. 

High Limit (Hi Limit) Switches: