Viron eVo / ICI HSI Ignition Module - Techrite Astralpool Fluidra



Igntion control module for Viron eVo and ICI gas pool and spa heaters from Astralpool Fluidra. Suits most Viron eVo heaters built after 2012. Do not confuse with Spark or Pilot control modules.

This OneSuits Newer Astralpool Gas Heaters:
Viron eVo 250 | Viron eVo 350 | Viron eVo 400 | Viron eVo 450 | Viron eVo 550

This is the "HSI" Hot Surface Ignition Version for heaters with a Graphite Sinitride ignitor

Techrite AIS / Automatic Ignition System 
Max Load: 4A 
Ionization Current: 3uA
Startup Time: 2 sec
Safety Shutdown: <1 sec
Ambient Temp: 0-60C
IP Rating: 20

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