Onga Spa Master 4352 / 4353 / 4395 Pump Parts and Replacements

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ga Spa Master 4352 / 4353 / 4395 Spa Master spare parts and replacements are now obsolete. They are also no longer repaired and must be upgraded. We have complete retrofit systems available listed here. <-- Click for replacement system. Note that these require re-plumbing, and electrical changes.

Important: We are aware that there are some online sellers recommending to replace Onga 4352 and similar systems with a Heated Balboa Spa Bath pump. This is very misleading, and those pumps:

  • Can only heat water anywhere from 34-38°C with no temp adjustment. They use a mechanical hi-limit switch with a 10-15% tolerance. They are also extremely slow to heat.
  • There is no extra output plug on those pumps (eg for air blowers)
  • They are not designed for constant submersion in water. They are intended for occasional use in a spa bath
  • The seals are not designed for use with spa checmialas
  • Warranty Will Not Cover when they inevitably fail. (We've seen it OFTEN)

The most recommended way to upgrade is this control system with pump listed here.