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Hurricane Spa Jet body replacement kit for Hurricane Jets 125mm used on Spa Industries, Signature, Cyclone, Designer, Leisurite, Wilton, and more. They commonly break / leak at the small barb on the rear, due to excessive strain from the air tubes. It is best to order new jets when replacing these bodies. Originally were a lighter grey, and sometimes white. 

This jet repair kit comes with:
- Hurricane Jet Body
- Hurricane Seal & Fittings
- Large Hose Tube Joiner
- Small Hose Tube Joiner
- Small Hose Tube 
- Large Hose Tube

Used on spas manufactured by Spa Industries including Signature Spas, Cyclone Spas, Leisurite, Lanark, Heritage, Designer Spas, Wilton and others

Replacement Hurricane Jets

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