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Spa Hot Tub Aromatherapy Beads - Spazazz Aromatic Escape Beads - Spas, Cars, Rooms, Vacuums

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Spazazz Instant Aromatic Spa Beads are specially formulated for multiple uses, including spas, hot tubs and bathtubs. They're also great as a car air freshener, or in your vacuum cleaner! They won't affect your hot tubs water in any adverse way or leave oily residue behind.

Spazazz Scents Available:

Tropical Rain (Revitalize) - Rejuvenate your senses with the aroma of Plumerias and a hint of tropical rain. Draw a soothing warm bath, add a little Spazazz Tropical Rain and close your eyes. The smooth aroma will transport you to an evening in Hawaii where the Plumeria trees grow wild, and the soft rain brings the beautiful fragrance.

Flora Wood (Romantic) - Bathe in the sensual and romantic aroma of fresh cut flowers. It evokes feelings of passion as it frees your spirit and provides a deep sense of emotion. Relax and enjoy a sensual evening with that special person in a warm bath or hot tub full of the deep rich aroma. Are you ready for a romantic evening?

Cosmo (Flirty) Aromatherapy Beads - Immerse yourself in this fruity, flirty fantasy rockin the after-five scene. Sipping on this sophisticated, smooth concoction can be oh-so sexy and ignite passionate fireworks. Bring cosmopolitan to a whole new level.

Sangria (Wild Fiesta) Aromatherapy Beads Immerse yourself in this endless seduction of wild berries and enticing brandy as the aroma lingers. This sexy, juicy, stout but sweet fiesta stands on its own. Enhanced with red wine, not white; but if you swing that way, just go ahead.

Margarita (Happy Hour) Aromatherapy Beads Immerse yourself in euphoric south of the border fantasy with this tingly, Mexican Lemon-Lime blend. Everyone has their saucy margarita memory.

Love Potion #9 (Seduction) Aromatherapy Beads Immerse yourself in a seductive fantasy ready to simmer with whom you desire. This love potion is extremely potent and should be used with caution. 

Mimosa (Celebrate) Aromatherapy Beads Immerse yourself in this festive, fizzy delight of berries and juices. Nothing says cheers like freshly squeezed laughter and bubbly friends. Enjoy this light delight to make any day a special occasion!

Sex On The Beach (Passion) Aromatherapy Beads Immerse yourself in a passionate fantasy with this sexy peach schnapps and exotic nectar blend. Hot water and crystals are intertwined to ignite your passion.

Ocean Mix (Tranquility) Aromatherapy Beads Let the waves of tranquility and the aroma of the ocean breeze come over you as you lay back and relax in your hot tub or bath. Close your eyes, lay back and relax and allow your mind to wander, as you feel the calm gentle rhythm of the ocean waves break against the shore. Spazazz Original Ocean Mist will also mix well with some of our other products. 

Fresh Cut Flowers (Romantic) Aromatherapy Beads Bathe in the sensual and romantic aroma of fresh cut flowers. It evokes feelings of passion as it frees your spirit and provides a deep sense of emotion. Relax and enjoy a sensual evening with that special person in a warm bath or hot tub full of the deep rich aroma. 

Beads Sweet Pea Apple (Rejuvenate) There is nothing more American than the mouth-watering smell of a Red Delicious apple. Even better yet, how about an apple pie? Welcome to our refreshing aroma of apples with a touch of sweet pea. It is such a rejuvenating fragrance that will keep you coming back for more. 

Pina Colada (Enliven) Aromatherapy Beads Immerse yourself in an exotic fantasy. Unwind, caress, and play as sweet pineapple begins to tickle & tease. Swirl in luscious coconut cream and inspire wet & wild playtime. What happens next is entirely your fantasy.

Warm French Vanilla (Calm) Aromatherapy Beads The calming properties of Warm French Vanilla are known by everyone. For some it brings back the days as a child, baking with your mom. For others, it is the smell of a candle or the taste of ice cream. One thing is for sure, vanilla has a unbelievable was of reducing anxiety and stress.

Honey Mango (Arouse) Aromatherapy Beads Stimulate and arouse that desire deep within you with our rich honey mango blend of aromatherapy crystals. Relax and enjoy and evening soaking in a blend of mango and honey that not only moisturizes the skin, but has properties known to reduce wrinkles and has natural healing properties. 

Sport Therapy - Rebuild - Immerse yourself in the refreshing scent of our all natural blend of botanical extracts enriched with vitamins & minerals.

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