Spa Power 1000 / 2000 Spa Control System & Spare Parts - also SP1000 / SP2000 Spa-Quip Wilton


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Spa Power 1000 spa control systems and spare parts: Also known as SP1000, SP 1000, SP 1000A, SP 1000B, Spa Power 2000, SP 2000, Wilton 1000, Wilton 2000. They were also re-branded as several other brands. Controllers, Touchpads, Circuit-board, Temp Sensors, etc are all discontinued and no longer available.

These were a very common control system used in Monarch, Endless, Heritage and others in the early 2000s. Manufactured by SpaQuip, which no longer exists.

Replacement Options: (recommend fitting by qualified person)

  • SP1200 Kit - Most expensive. No plumbing changes. Leads will need to be changed. Rectangular Touchpad fits old hole.
  • Mini 2 Kit - Lower Cost. Plumbing changes. Leads will need to be changed. Touchpad may need adaptor for hole. 

Spa Power 1000 / 2000 Parts:

Models & Parts: (Note Links to Parts)

Spa-Quip Spa Power SP 1000 SP 2000 Spa Power 1000 and Spa Power 2000 SP1000 SP2000 Wilton Spa Tech 1000 Wilton Spa Tech 2000 Digital 1000 Digital 2000


Spa Quip 1000 / Wilton Spas 1000 / Aristrocrat Spas 1000 User Manual

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