Watkins Hot Spring Jet Pumps - 1 and 2 Speed Jet Booster Pumps - also Caldera


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Watkins Pool & Spa Pumps found on Hot Spring Spas & Caldera. Replaces later model Watkins Hot Springs spa Jet pumps. Also sold as Wavemaster pumps. Please see table below for the replacement pumps that supersede the older ones. If your pump is not listed, please send us a photo of existing pump, with as many labels as possible.

Pump Horsepower / Wattage / Number of Speeds Watkins Part No.
(may be different)
Replaced by:
One Speed Pumps:
2.0HP ~1500W 1-spd QB2001
2.5HP 1-spd 71792 / 0977601 QB2501
3.0HP 2100W 1-spd QB3001
Two Speed Pumps:
2.0HP 2-spd 0965901 QB2002
2.0HP 2-spd

0982801, 0982801, 0965901

3.0HP 2-spd QB3002


Please note that because Hot Springs / Watkins sometimes used odd cords, you may need to swap over cords with the new pumps. 

36066-03 Code 0111 - 2.0HP (1 speed) 
0965901 / 0965901-03 Code 0111 - 2.0HP (1 speed)
71792 2.5HP (1 speed)
0977601 / 0977601-03 2.5HP (1 speed)
0982801-2 2.5HP (2 speed)

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