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CSN Turbo-Tech Circ-3 Variable Speed Spa Pump with Bridge Control - OBSOLETE

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Obsolete - No Longer Available - If you have a gas heater, or heat pump, there are possible replacements (along with Bridge Controller). APUMC3VSCA

See Common Replacement Options Below:

  • 0.35HP Pump Suitable for spas without external heaters and where pump is used for circulation and built-in electric heaters.
  • 0.75HP Pump Suitable for Astral HX 70, HX 120, Raypak 131 Spartan, and Most Heat Pumps
  • 1.0HP Pump Suitable for Astral HX 70, HX 120, JX 130, JX 160, HiNRG 175, HiNRG 250, Raypak 131 Sparta, Raypak 200, Raypak 280, and Other Heat Pumps
  • For Viron 250, 350, 450 Gas Heaters, Raypak 350, Raypak 430 or where used to run Jets, contact us for information. 

Archived Info:

2-speed spa pump and bridge controller. Perfect for low-speed for normal filtration, and ramping up to power a gas heater. These are commonly found on Spa Industries spas, and used with gas or heat pump hybrid systems for spas.


High-Speed: 1.5hp / 1050w rated pump / 310lpm
Low-Speed: 110w / 150 lpm low
Voltage: 240V 50Hz 1PH
Max Input: 1100W
Rated Current: 7.5A
Approval No: SAA101134EA
Warning: This product is specifially designed to support a TurboTech Circ-3 variable 

Spare Parts:

More Details:
After the spa control system calls for Pump 1 to turn off completely, the Bridge Control must be given a chance to reboot after a manual input for the pump to re start is made. Therefore under these conditions, please allow 5 seconds after pressing the Pump 1 button for the motor to start. Continuous inputs to the Pump 1 button within the 5 second delay will disrupt the boot up and delay or confuse the start up process. If this occurs, refrain from any further inputs for one to two minutes, and then start the process again, this time allowing the system 5 seconds to start.



  1.  Check circuit breaker.

  2. 2. Check cabling is correctly fitted as per wiring instruction.

  3. 3. Check for loose connections.

  4. 4. Check spa control system is correctly configured with the “Pump 1” outlet set to “2 Speed”.

  5. 5. Check for any error symbols on the spa control system and follow manufacturer’s recommendations for any of those error messages.


  1. Check for incorrect cabling and/or loose connections.

  2. Make sure motor gets adequate ventilation and is free from debris.

  3. Make sure ambient temperature where motor is located is not exceeding 50 degrees C.


  1. Check for debris causing the pump impeller to jam. NOISE: Check plumbing vibration.

  2. Check for cavitation due to air leaks, obstruction, undersized suction or dirty filter element.

  3. Check for debris in the pump wet section.


  1. Make sure pump is installed at the proper level and the plumbing lines have been correctly installed to allow water to freely enter the pump.

  2. Open Air Control valves to release any possible air lock.

  3. Loosen off pump discharge union SLIGHTLY whilst motor is running to bleed off any air locked in the pump wet section. Retighten once water appears.

  4. Make sure all suction and discharge lines are clear and unobstructed and all valves are open.

  5. Check for air leaks in the suction line.


  1. Check for clogged plumbing lines or dirty filter element.

  2. Check for worn or damaged impeller.

  3. Check to ensure motor is transitioning correctly between its 3 speed options.


  1. Check for contamination or damage to the shaft rotary seal. Replace if necessary.

  2. Check union compression fittings; make sure they are properly aligned and secure. Hand tighten only. Do not use tools.

  3. Make sure O’Rings are properly seated, free from contamination and not damaged.

ft3000 / ft3000-200 - CSN Global

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