Edgetec Triflo 0.8 Xtra-Heat w/ Air Switch - OBSOLETE - SEE LISTING FOR INFO

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Edgetec Triflo 0.8 Xtra-Heat w/ Air Switch is now Obsolete and No Longer Available. Use this Edgetec Triflo 1.0 Xtra Heat as a replacement.

Air Switch operated, pump is fitted with a 700watt stainless steel heater element . MULTI PORTS: can be plumbed as a top or front discharge plump. AIR BLEED: Air Bleed can be activated any time should air locking occur, the air bleed has an o'ring seal to ensure positive sealing once air has been expelled.

Xtra Heat spa bath pumps are operated from an air button located on the side of your spa bath, a simple press of the air button and your spa pumps starts, inviting you to sit back and relax in an invigorating hydro massage. A revolutionary new “Flat Plate” stainless steel 700 watt heater element is built into the pump, out of the main water flow path. Extensive research and development has renewed the process and captured the full power of the element that will maintain your bath water temperature.

The TriFlo pump internal design allows the water to self drain so that there is no residue water left in the pump when the spa is emptied in accordance with Local Health Regulations.

TriFlo spa bath pumps are designed for spa bath operation only and should not be used in chemically treated water or permanently filled spas or any other purpose.

There are 3 power sizes in the range - 0.8 hp, 1.0 hp and 1.5 Hp - these are designed to match the type, size and number of spa jets in your bath. 

Versions & Specifications:

  • Model 6107 (0.8HP obsolete): 384mm L x 148mm W x 198mm H Weight: 8.50
  • Model 6101 (1.0HP): 384mm L x 148mm W x 198mm H Weight: 8.50
  • Model 6104 (1.5HP): 384mm L x 148mm W x 198mm H Weight: 9.50
  • All Models: 230/240VAC / 700watt Heater element.

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