Pentair Mastertemp / Waterco Turbotemp Membrane for Touchpad / Control Panel

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Touchpad Decal Membrane for Pentair Mastertemp, Waterco Turbotemp, and Sta-Rite Max-e-Therm gas pool and spa heaters. They are often the cause of random errors on these heaters, as moisture can get behind the sticker and corrode the membrane buttons. Number 15. in the Diagram.

Note that the old style with the Red Window has been replaced by a Clear Window. Older PCBs with Red LED can still be used, but the newer PCBs now have a gray LCD screen.

Pentair Mastertemp / Waterco Turbotemp Electrical Parts List:

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Pentair Mastertemp, Waterco Turbotemp, StaRite Max E Pro Error Codes: 
Diagnostic LEDs / Error Messages & Causes:

  • PS - Check / Replace Pressure Switch. Signifies flow issues.
  • HLS - Check / Replace High-Limit Switch/es (faults above 45°C or 55°C) Signifies flow, bypass, governer issues, or other issues.
  • AFS - Check / Replace Air Flow Switch. Signifies fan, air flow, or other issues.
  • AGS - Check / Replace AGS Automatic Gas Shutoff Switch/es (faults above 60°C). Signifies flow, bypass, governer issues, or other issues. Can also be caused by a 45° Limit Switch on top of the manifold.
  • SFS - Check / Replace SFS Stack Flue Sensor (faults above 249°C). High or Low Flue Temperatures are a sign of significant combustion issues, or other issues.
  • E01 - Thermistor Fault. Replace Thermistor.
  • E05 - General Fault. Needs service. This can be caused by several issues.
  • Showing Incorrect Temperature - Replace Thermistor. Check all filters clean. If thermistor shows corrosion, water balance is poor.