Spa-Quip Davey Spa Power 500 / 54500 Spa Controllers w/ Heater & Touchpad

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Choose Heater Size: SP500 w/ 2.0kW Heater (15A Plug)
Choose Touchpad Shape: Rectangular Touchpad
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The Davey SpaQuip Spa Power 500 control system has also been called the Spa-Quip Spa Power 500, 54500, 54500A, 500A, Mk1, Mk 2. Complete systems, circuit boards, and touchpads are available. These control systems have been around for several years and are a budget-friendly, simple, robust system. 


  • 10A version has a 1.5kW heater with standard 3-pin Aus plug & lead. 
  • 15A version has a 2.0kW heater with 3-pin 15A Aus plug & lead. (has larger earth pin)
  • Both can be plugged in, or hard-wired. All spas should be connected to an RCD (Safety Switch)

The SP500 Control System Includes:

  • Plug in spa heater/controller for portable spas.
  • 2 x 10A 3-pin standard Aus plugs for a Main Pump + Aux (blower, light, or 2nd pump)
  • 40mm unions (48mm OD pipe size)
  • Control Touch Pad & Cable (choose Rectangular or Oval)
  • Pump protection using an optical water sensor
  • PN 500A20 15A  / PN 500A15 10A

Can be used for:

  • 1 X 1spd pump, 1 X Blower (STANDARD BLOWER) or
  • 1 X 1spd Pump, 1 X 12volt light transformer

Other SP500 / 54500 Parts:

Q500AUS-15, Q500AUS-20, SP500, 54500A, 54500, SP500 MK2, SP500 MKII

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