Spa-Quip Davey Spa Power 500 / 54500 Spa Controllers w/ Heater & Touchpad

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Unfortunately Davey is now restricting sellers from showing prices online. Please contact us for pricing. We keep these in stock at great prices. Contact us by email or on 1300 418 299 to order.

The Davey SpaQuip Spa Power 500 control system has also been called the Spa-Quip Spa Power 500, 54500, 54500A, 500A, Mk1, Mk 2. Complete systems, circuit boards, and touchpads are available. These control systems have been around for several years and are a budget-friendly, simple, robust system. 


  • 10A version has a 1.5kW heater with standard 3-pin Aus plug & lead. 
  • 15A version has a 2.0kW heater with 3-pin 15A Aus plug & lead. (has larger earth pin)
  • Both can be plugged in, or hard-wired. All spas should be connected to an RCD (Safety Switch)

The SP500 Control System Includes:

  • Plug in spa heater/controller for portable spas.
  • 2 x 10A 3-pin standard Aus plugs for a Main Pump + Aux (blower, light, or 2nd pump)
  • 40mm unions (48mm OD pipe size)
  • Control Touch Pad & Cable (choose Rectangular or Oval)
  • Pump protection using an optical water sensor
  • PN 500A20 15A  / PN 500A15 10A

Can be used for:

  • 1 X 1spd pump, 1 X Blower (STANDARD BLOWER) or
  • 1 X 1spd Pump, 1 X 12volt light transformer

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