Spaquip Spa Power 750 SP750 Touchpad Control Panel Keypad

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Spaquip Spa Power 750 digital touch pad and overlay. Suits all Spa-Quip Spa Power SP750 spa control systems. Comes with the overlay / decal. Also fits Wilton Spas SP750, Sapphire, and Endless Spas Tech 975. User manual found here.

Several variations of overlays have been used by different spa companies. This is the Genuine OEM version that suits all SP 750 controllers. 

Also fits Wilton Spas SP750 & Sapphire versions.

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Model: Spa Power SpaQuip 750

  • Face Size: 138 X 78mm
  • Hole Size: 120 X 60mm

Spare Parts for Spa Power 750 Spa Controllers:

Your controller may have the following numbers: Spa Power 750, SP750, SP750A20, SP750A30, SP750B20, SP750B30. 

Q70071-03SP7 & Q916899

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