25m 1" Class 18 Pressure Flexible PVC Pipe Plumbing Hose for Spas & Pools - SpaFlex

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Length: 3m Flexible PVC Class 18


This is a common size for most brands of spas. Used for connecting pumps, jets, blowers etc. 25mm 1" Class 18 Flexible PVC. Also called Spa Flex. Very flexible, USA-made. This is NOT the poor-quality Chinese flexible PVC you find on most online shops.

- Must be glued with a PVC glue made for this. Eg: Flexible-PVC Glue
- Must be appropriately primed before gluing.

Regular PVC glue will leak eventually as it does not fill, flex, or adhere properly and does not keep it's flexibility like this glue.

3m or 10m lengths

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