50mm 2" Spa Flex Flexible PVC Pressure & Suction Pipe (63mm OD) - SpaFlex

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50mm SpaFlex Flexible PVC Pressure & Suction Pipe. Can be used for most plumbing, and connects to all standard PVC/CPVC Pressure Pipe & Fittings. 

Available in 3m or 15m lengths

This is a common size for most brands of spas. Used for connecting pumps, jets, blowers etc. 50mm 2" Flexible PVC Pressure Pipe - Class-18. Very flexible pressure pipe USA-made. This is NOT the poor-quality Chinese flexible that will leak & and is often mis-sized. Can be used as Class 18 Pressure pipe or Vacuum pipe.

Use mild heat to warm pipe to make it more flexible.

  • Must be glued with a PVC glue made for this. Eg: Flexible-PVC Glue
  • Must be appropriately primed before gluing.
  • Regular PVC glue will leak eventually as it does not fill, flex, or adhere properly and does not keep it's flexibility like this glue.

Other Flexible PVC Sizes:

Hoses & Tubing:

Note for non-plumbers: Please See This PVC Pressure Pipe Dimensions Info, as PVC Pressure Pipe uses "Nominal" names, and does not measure what it's called. 

Vacuum pipe