Aqua-Flo XP2 2.5HP - 2-Speed Flo-Master - Spa Jet Booster Pump

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Aqua-Flo XP2 Two-Speed Jet Booster Pump 2.5HP. Originally had a black wet-end. Some are sold with black, red, or blue wet-ends. This is by far the most common size on spas. Will have 4x wires going into the plug. If it only has 3x wires going into the plug it will be a 1-speed pump.

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Used on almost all Spa Industries Spas, Signature Spas, Cyclone Spas, Bullfrog Spas, Leisurite Spas, Lanark Spas, Heritage Spas, H20 Spas, Jazzi Spas, Sapphire Spas, and many others!

Your old pump may have these numbers:

APUM25252A, XP2-902524, Model: 06120176-1 Code: 01227P2-802024,Model: 07130011-6 Code: 08266,Model: 07140947-6 Code: 04315, Spa Industries APUM25252A,  A-XP2-2502-AMP, XP2-902523, 93556595, 07130002-6, 07140005-6, 07140004-8, 07140004

  • Supercedes all XP2 Pumps with the Century LASAR Pool/Spa Motor with AO Smith motors. Cat BN55 Part 7 - 186364-02, 186364-xx


  • Flo-master XP2
  • 2.5HP - 1.9kW or 1.8kW
  • 2.5HP - 50mm Std Fine Thread Unions
  • EMG Elettromeccanica Tipo/90 2/4 
  • Aquaflo Flo Master Xp2  Ce 1p X 5
  • N659x95648 Ip45 Hz50 Kwo.37
  • Volt 220 To 240
  • Amp 8.3 Amp 1.5
  • RPM: 2850 - High Speed RPM / 1450 - Low Speed RPM
  • Height: 197-235mm
  • Flow Master

Horsepower Notes: 

  • Some Spa Manufacturers use a complicated & misleading form of Horsepower measurement that is more commonly used in the USA called hydraulic horsepower (HP=PSI*GPM/1714). It gives a more impressive appearance. Even the USA is stopping this method.
  • Australian HP ratings are calculated purely on input power in Watts, which are then converted to HP. (1HP=745.7Watts). 
  • Balboa & Aquaflo have both released pumps to spa manufacturers that use these misleading power ratings.
  • You can always look at the input ratings and convert back to HP.
  • Rough HP measurement can also be calculated using Ohm's Law (V=IR).   These pumps also have an Amperage rating that can be roughly converted back to Watts, and then to Horsepower.

Examples: Some Balboa Pumps marked "4HP" is actually a 2HP pump in Australian terms. Some Aquaflo Pumps labelled as 4.8BHP are 2.5HP in Australian terms.