High Limit Switch - 105° NC or NO

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 High Limit Switch used in many gas & electric heaters, including Hurlcon Boilers HW 130, HW 160. Most were NC (Normally Closed) but some may be NO (Normally-Open). We cannot identify this for you unfortunately.

AKA Thermal Cutout

Hurlcon Part Number: 71033

These are an Extremely Important Safety feature found on heaters. They must be replaced when necessary. 

Other High Limit (Hi Limit) Switches:

42-45C° Inlet Hi Limit (Hurlcon, Astralpool, Raypak, Pentair)
52-55C° Outlet Hi Limit (Hurlcon, Astralpool, Raypak, Pentair)
60C° Outlet Hi Limit AGS (Hurlcon, Astralpool, Raypak, Pentair)
70C° Outlet Hi Limit (Hurlcon, Astralpool)
175C° Flue Temp Sensor (Hurlcon, Astralpool)
Hurlcon / Astralpool HiLimit Locator Brass Threaded Plug

Can also be picked up and paid for in Mt Martha, Vic.