Hurlcon / Astralpool Viron & eVo Gas Pool & Spa Heater Spare Parts


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Hurlcon / Astralpool Viron and Viron eVo Gas Pool & Spa Heater Spare Parts - 2002 Onwards. Note some parts have changed, and may not be compatible. When ordering, we may contact you to confirm which series heater you have.

Please note that Astral Pool's (Hurlcon) diagrams are not ideal, and even contain errors. If you need help on parts, please contact us. Photos with Model No and Date of Manufacture are best.

Hurlcon Astralpool Viron Heater Parts

  1. Viron top cover w/ visor 78615
  2. Fan - RG130 Viron 250 78131
      Fan - RG 140 Viron 350 / 450 78132
  6. Gasket - Viron Evo Fan Plate 
  7. Insulation Top Fan Plate 78824
16. Gasket - Flue pipe seal 78130
22. Hi Limit 175C Flue 78162
30. Header / Water Manifolds 

31. Pilot Mounting Plate 73917
33. Gasket - Fan Plate Base 15125013
42. Burner Pressing 78162
43. Fibre gasket 78141
44. Brass gas union 3/4" M x 3/4" F (pilot) 78813
45. Viron Pilot Ignition Pack - R310 78199 (DSI - Direct Spark Ignition)
      Viron Pilot Ignition Pack (HSI - Hot Surface Ignition)
47. Ignitor Gasket Outer 78161 (red silicone type)
48. Ignitor Gasket Inner 78143 (white glass fibre type)
49. Premix Ignitor w/ Sightglass 78134 / 78183 Ignitor w/o Sightglass 
53. Float Switch 78140

Not Shown in Diagrams: Click Link for More Info

HSI Hot Surface Ignitor - Graphite in current Virons
Main PCB / Thermostat
Pressure Switch / Sensor
Brass Temperature Sensor Well
Temperature Sensor - Pink lead
Inlet High Limit Switch
Outlet High Limit Switch
High Limit Brass Nut - commonly corrodes
Barrel Union Fittings Set w/ Seals
Ignitor Lead 78148 Long / Ignitor Lead Short 78348 eVo
Complete Heat Exchanger
Heat Exchanger Tube Seal Kit 
Ignition Sensor Lead - White wire
Insulation Kit comes with front & rear insulation & box
Tube Seal / Manifold Gasket O-Rings
Fan Plate kit w/ pilot hood  non-eVo <-- pilot hood commonly burns out. Recommend replacing on well-used heaters
Viron eVo Side-to-Top HSI Conversion - HSI Viron heaters with Side-ignition should be converted to Top-Ignition

All other parts may be available. Contact us for more info.

 Order Complete new Astralpool Viron eVo 250 350 & 450.

Gas Heater Repair is Not DIY. Parts must be diagnosed & fitted by a suitably qualified person.

Please don't order diagram, as they are not for sale.

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