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Pentair Mastertemp Gas Heater Spare Parts - Electrical System

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Spare Parts For Pentair Mastertemp, Waterco Turbotemp, Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm Gas Pool & Spa Heaters - 200 / 300 / 400 HD models. Choose Number on Diagram for spare part and picture from the dropdown menu. 

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Pentair Mastertemp, Waterco Turbotemp, StaRite Max E Pro Error Codes:

Diagnostic LEDs / Error Messages & Causes:
PS - Check / Replace Pressure Switch. Signifies flow issues.
HLS - Check / Replace High-Limit Switch/es (faults above 45°C or 55°C) Signifies flow, bypass, governer issues, or other issues.
AFS - Check / Replace Air Flow Switch. Signifies fan, air flow, or other issues.
AGS - Check / Replace AGS Automatic Gas Shutoff Switch/es (faults above 60°C). Signifies flow, bypass, governer issues, or other issues.
SFS - Check / Replace SFS Stack Flue Sensor (faults above 249°C). High or Low Flue Temperatures are a sign of significant combustion issues, or other issues.
E01 - Thermistor Fault. Replace Thermistor.
E05 - General Fault. Needs service. This can be caused by several issues.
Showing Incorrect Temperature - Replace Thermistor. Check all filters clean. If thermistor shows corrosion, water balance is poor.

Pentair Mastertemp / Waterco Turbotemp Parts List:
2. / 3. / 4. Igniter & Gasket Kit
5. AGS Switch - Genuine (Poor Quality) / Aftermarket (Better, Cheaper, Solid Brass)
5a. 1/8" NPT/BSP AGS Switch. Has finer thread than all the other sensors. Located at the very top of the manifold. Not all models had this.
6. HLS Switch - Genuine / Aftermarket  (BetterCheaper, Solid Brass)
7. Thermistor - Genuine (chrome over brass) / Aftermarket (Fully Stainless, Better, Cheaper)
10. Ignition Control Module
12. Air Control Switch
13. Main PCB 
15. Touchpad Membrane
16. SFS Sensor
Not Shown - 45C HLS 
Please don't order diagram, as they are not for sale.
Red Dot - 110F / 45C
Green Dot -